Acoustic Sound Proof Canopy for D.G.Sets & Control Panels
Acoustic Sound Proof Canopy for D.G.Sets & Control Panels
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Sound Proof Canopy :


Sound Proof Canopy

We are a prominent manufacturer of Soundproof Canopy. Sound Proof Canopy are known for high quality standard and adheres to control noise pollution as required to Control Pollution Central Board (CPCB) norms. These are used in all types of manufacturing Industries, Educational Institutes, Hospitals, Hotels Industries, etc. Sound Proof Canopies are available in different sizes as per the requirement and specifications of clients. Our Jobs are available at market's economical optimum price with prior service. The delivery span of specified jobs is within 15 days after confirmation of job. Our valuable clients are
Nature of Business :

We are exclusive manufacturer of Acoustic Enclosures suitable for all type of Generators. This is a special sheet metal enclosure fabricated on CO2 Machines & powder coated after seven tank process & the enclosure is designed for reducing the sound level to 75 DB(A) at a distance of 1 meter from the canopy where DG sets is working at 75 % Load. Also having ownhouse activity of Powder Coating, Insulation, Assembly & Cutting & bending.


Baseframe  : Baseframe is fabricated either in ISMC channel or on sheet metal. The Basefarme will be primer coated & painted. The baseframe is rugged in construction & designed for mounting the engine for mounting of acoustic hook for convenient lifting of complete set.

Fuel Tank    : Fuel tank is fabricated out of 2.5 mm Hra ms sheet & is part of Baseframe It is mounted in base frame with capacity for minimum eight hours continuous running of the Dg set on full load. Fuel tank has have drain plug, Hand hole for cleaning,vent breather, fuel level float with guage, fuel suction & return connection.

Acoustic Insulation  : High Density FT T – 30 acoustic foam (density 32 kg/m3, Tensile strength 130 Kpa) fire retarted/ non-igniting & nooise reduction type properly clamped shall be provided on all doors, roof & sides to absorb noise.

Resin bonded Rockwool having density 64/96 density properly covered with fiber cloth / tissue at all opening s for air inlet / outlet for facilitate free airflow but to absorb sound resulting in extreme low noise level.
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